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Effortlessly keep up to speed with the news. The Lstn AI app uses machine generated human-like speech to read you the headlines.

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Spoken Audio

News headlines instantly converted into spoken word audio, making it easier to digest the content that matters to you.



Uses advanced AI powered text-to-speech services to produce human-like speech, making it superior to device-based speech options.


On the Go

Effortlessly digest news headlines on the go. No more bumping into people when you're walking and reading at the same time. Great for cyclists and drivers too.


Sum It
(coming soon)

Uses machine intelligence to summarise news articles into short clips for when time is of the essence.


Social News
(coming soon)

Connect your twitter and newsletter subscriptions to make keeping up with your world simple.


News Publishers

We've built SDKs that enable you to effortlessly integrate Lstn AI services into your own infrastrucutre and apps. Enquire.

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